Summer 2020 OOH Trends

OOH Trends Jun 03, 2020

Even as lockdown restrictions are lifting and airlines, hotels, cruise ships are actively incentivizing Canadians to travel across the country and overseas again, most Canadians have their eyes on local trips. In fact, B.C. Parks reservation site crashed this past week after 50,000 people tried booking at once.

High traffic areas such Toronto’s Union station and Vancouver’s Granville station have historically been prime advertising areas. But as Canadians are choosing to travel within their own provinces this summer, media assets on popular highways and on locations situated near local travel destinations will likely see an enormous spike in impressions.

However, renting billboard space can be a confusing process — especially for smaller advertisers. Through platforms like Adsight, advertisers can easily search and purchase media assets that are the best fit for their businesses. Our partners such as Prime Signs, Marquis, and Wild on Media have great locations to choose from. For advertisers who are looking to expand their reach cost-effectively, OOH advertising cannot come at a better time. If you want to explore how Adsight can help you navigate OOH advertising, shoot us an e-mail here.

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