Out-of-Home Advertising with Adsight

Product Updates May 21, 2020

What started as a passion project less than a year ago, has now become a funded startup, with six employees, software engineers and a mission to revolutionize the out-of-home industry one outdoor asset at a time. After being in the marketing industry for over 10 years combined, our co-founders saw a gap in the market where technology could help not only address these issues but propel the industry forward exponentially. It started with a simple question, when you pass a billboard, do you know how much it typically costs to book? What about the amount of traffic or impressions it generates? Who are the type of people that live in that neighbourhood or what is the audience profile? We quickly realized that there was a serious lack of transparency surrounding the industry, most businesses thought that only the biggest advertisers like Coca-Cola or McDonalds could afford to advertise on fancy billboards and displays. Even if you wanted to look into booking inventory, you have to track down the right media supplier who owns that particular display, go through a lengthy and time-consuming process to outline your requirements with a sales rep and solidify the booking. Our team realized there had to be a better management and booking solution for the tens of thousands of billboards and inventories across Canada - that is how Adsight was born.

Adsight is not only an innovative discovery platform for agencies and brands looking to plan and advertise effectively in the out-of-home marketplace, but we also provide tremendous value for our media supplier partners. By allowing a media supplier to list, aggregate and market their inventory in one accessible, easy-to-use online platform, we aim to increase their business incrementally. Some of the benefits Adsight provides to media owners is additional revenues, lower vacancy rates, interactive mapping features, custom dashboards and inventory management systems.

Today, we are proud and excited to announce that after two months of continuous development, countless feedback sessions, extensive research and preparation, our beta version is now active with the support of our partners. We invite you to check out our Adsight platform and see the difference we can make.

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