OOH Advertising post Covid-19

Jun 12, 2020

As many provinces in Canada enter into phase 2 of the re-opening process, many businesses and organizations are waking from the past three month slumber of inactivity. In the consumer marketplace, we are seeing pent up demand from individuals who are eager to shop, eat at restaurants and support small local businesses.

However, travel is one of the industries that might find it difficult to completely rebound this year as many people surveyed still feel uncertain about the safety aspects. Provincial health officers in Canada are now encouraging citizens to do more stay-vacations or limited travel to local tourist destinations. For us in BC, one of the hottest destinations in Vancouver to travel to is Whistler, where it transforms into beautiful nature activities in the summer.

With an expected increase in provincial and inter-city travel this summer, advertisers should be looking at out-of-home advertising solutions along frequent traffic locations such as the Sea-to-Sky corridor driving up from Whistler or Squamish city, a typical pit stop for travellers to Whistler mountain with its own unique attractions and sites. As more and more people slowly exit their isolation from home, OOH will become even more crucial as a direct marketing tool that cannot be ignored.

If you want to explore how Adsight can help you navigate OOH advertising, shoot us an e-mail here.

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