Digitally Transforming a Traditional Industry

Adsight Platform May 31, 2020

With the world around us, moving and transforming at a rapid pace, many industries have embraced the evolution of digital technology to help propel their markets forward. For example, just as AirBnB has changed the hotel and hospitality industry or UBER shaking up the taxi industry, Adsight is here to make a powerful impact for out-of-home advertising in Canada.

By creating an easy-to-use, seamless online platform, we have the power to aggregate inventory across a multitude of regions and different suppliers. In turn, by having the ability to centralize all the necessary inventory information on one platform, it provides a direct and effective tool for agencies, media planners and business owners to shop OOH inventory at their leisure. In addition, our platform has layered on useful, decision making information such as impression figures, demographic reach, audience personas etc.

Instead of aimlessly trying to narrow down your campaign parameters and buy pinpoints on a map, Adsight provides information to help increase transparency during the booking and reservation process, allowing purchasers to know exactly what they are getting.

Check our our national marketplace link and discover the world of outdoor advertising.

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